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“All Relationships are about trust.” It struck me strongly that I can’t help but reflect on my own experience of relationships. The latest roller coaster ride with relationship I had gave me the strongest lessons I have learned so far. There can be no relationship without trust.

This made me reminisce the friends I had made through the years. Most of them were good and healthy friendships. Some are just casual that I could have nurtured more. A few were broken by immaturity then. These many friends, and their memory, had made me cope with life more easily because they shared the experience of life with me. This sharing is an exchange of trust. I am grateful that they had trusted me and they have kept my trust in return.

One of the popular manga around, Bleach, gave a very beautiful reflection on friendship. To the characters, a friend is a “nakama”, someone who shares a deep bond. To them friendship is an exchange of hearts so that wherever you are your friends’ hearts stays with you. 

I believe it is true. Friendship is a sharing not just of hearts but of persons and that makes it beautiful because you get to encounter another person, another beautiful being, and you share each other’s being without losing your own individuality.

How I wish it were true for all my friends and all my relationships in general. I once said to a confrere, “When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who loved the best way he can.” To all those whom I have hurt before, I am sorry, it is not who I wished to be. To all my friends now, I want you to know I am living for you too. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on negativities. It would be better to spend it on loving, learning, and living.


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