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New Software for New Hardware

It’s Saturday and the brothers are free to spend their time to attend to their needs. I spend mine fixing Fr. Charles’ PC. I am (and still) installing the latest version of an operating system to his five-year old computer. I checked the specifications and found that they meet the minimum requirements. I proceeded on inserting the DVD installer and after a few minutes I was already in the set-up screen… and remained there the whole morning.

Yes, it seems like the Gospel verse “new wine for new wine skins” has got its own upgrade. It’s now new software for new hardware. No matter how software giants try to make their products backward compatible, there is a minimum requirement for something new – paradigm shift. We have to think new when we accept something new. Otherwise we would act like unbudging traditionalists and conservatives who are blind to the signs of the times, then everything would just be a stick dance of life.

This is where we find flexibility most useful, when while holding on to the essentials of truth and faith, we dance with signs of the times, the challenges, that come our way. We open our horizons to new sights. We move our points to new perspectives.

As for Fr. Charles computer? Well, there still is hope and a quest for more patience. I’ve agreed to give it some hardware makeover from the computer spare parts that I could in the stock room. But sooner or later, we would have to upgrade.


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