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Owning the Mission

In the 5thcentury, St. Augustine, one of the most influential writer and theologian, wrote “The City of God.” The book was in response to allegations that Christianity brought about the decline of the Roman Empire. Through it, he presents human history as a conflict between the Earthly City and the City of God; the warfare between good and evil. In the end, the City of God would ultimately triumph because it is guided by Divine Providence. St. Augustine wanted his readers to fix their eyes on heaven, while their two feet are set firmly on the ground.

The Second Vatican Council’s Gaudium et Spes Document further confirms: “The Lord Jesus is the goal of human history, the focal point of the longings of history and of civilization, the center of the human race, the joy of every heart and the answer to all its yearnings.” In this view, the world and all its treasures are simply passing away. The Earthly City is merely temporary. We need to gaze way up and beyond to the real treasure that last forever.

Today, we remember the ascension of Jesus into heaven. He reminds us of our dual citizenship. While we are citizens of this world, we are also citizens of heaven which is our real home. After his sojourn on this earth, Jesus has completed his task and mission of revealing the love and mercy of God. He has shown the world the path to greatness and glory. He is now returning to the Father after winning the world through the painful experience of his cross and calvary. For Jesus, it has been mission accomplished!

Moreover, he now entrusts the mission to his disciples and to every church member. The mandate is: “Go and Teach. Be my witnesses.” We are now the bearer of Christ’s message of love and forgiveness today. He challenges us to make a stand and become the light of the world. We are entrusted with the responsibility of building the kingdom day by day in all sectors of society. Empowered by the spirit, we start this mission at home by making our life our message. 

Prayer: Lord, let me own your mission as my vocation; let me be your witness today by what I say and do. Amen.

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