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Pleasing God – Feast of the Sto. Nino

My brother, Glenn, has five kids; Gian is the only boy. He is the middle child. Born with several complications, he was able to hurdle them all miraculously. He was a blue baby, born at 32 weeks; his lungs were not yet fully developed. Prayers and the persistent love of his parents really made wonders. Now at eight years old, he is an energetic and fun-loving kid. He loves to play football. When at home, he plays with his toy-cars by lining them up all over the living room. As the only boy in the family, Gian is one of his dad’s greatest blessings. His daily growing is followed up with so much delight. He is the joy of his Mom Gamai. 

The feast of the Sto. Niño is for us a reminder of the importance of children. It prompts us never to lose the childlike attitude as we grow older. Even Jesus points out that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to children. In fact, when he was baptized by John at the Jordan River at thirty years old, the voice of his Father was heard saying: “This is my Beloved Son whom I am well pleased.” Jesus never lost his childlikeness even in adulthood. He was the Beloved Son of his Dad all his life. His obedience and docility delighted his Father so much. Jesus brought joy, not just to the world, but in heaven’s eyes.

When we become like Jesus, heaven opens for us. Our faith in him is the key to enter the Father’s Home. He has taught us the way to heaven and revealed the secret of gaining the Kingdom. Childlike traits are essentials in our Christian life. The child teaches us that we cannot grow alone; we need each other’s help. No matter how intelligent and capable you are, there are things beyond your control. We need to surrender everything to God and trust in the goodness of the people around us to survive. Relationship nurtures us. It is the bond that makes us accountable to one another and makes us a family with God as our Father. Pit Senyor!
Prayer:Lord, teach me obedience and docility so that I may be pleasing in the Father’s eyes. Amen. 

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