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The day after the Fiesta of the Holy Child, life goes back to the ordinary. It’s back to the routine – children to school and parents to work. But the number of people for last week’s festivity was amazing: 2.3 M joined the religious procession, 8 M attended the colorful mardi gras. Many indeed are devoted to the Sto. Nino.

But more than the ritual and the dancing, the challenge now is to link this devotion in ordinary life. As the child Jesus grew in wisdom and age so too should our faith in Him. Authentic devotion is measured by the growth of our responsibility and commitment.

I received this beautiful prayer in my e-mail from Peter Zabala. I’m inviting everyone to pray it and think about it. Let us pray for our country and our people to grow in the maturity of our faith.


Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please help us to grow.

Change our minds and hearts, change our lives.

Do shift our paradigms and attitudes to that of yours.

Enlighten us, move us, discipline us, guide us.

There is no other way but forward.

Let your grace push us to move on

when we feel complacent with our old self and ways.

Let your Spirit renew us.

Do help us realize that the practice of our faith is more than personal but communal.

Help us help one another in our common journey of faith.
Among many things,

help us realize that sin is more than just the breaking of laws and rules,

but the breaking up of our relationships with You,

with others (including nature), and with self.

Help our religious beliefs to bear fruit in our actions

and in our concern and love for others especially those who need us most.

Help us transcend from mere ritual practices and devotions

to the practice of listening (studying) and living your teachings.

Help us to transform our daily lives as a living ‘Eucharist’
– the ‘breaking-up’ of ourselves for one another
as you sacrificed your body and blood for us in the signs of bread and wine.

Change us, renew us…


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