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Scripture Struck @ 1Jn 2:12-17

The Evil One

In our daily experience we are familiar with the many forms of evil in society. A pessimistic reading of our culture indicates an ever increasing moral collapse spreading all over.

The Evil One is aggressively working. Seemingly no amount of preaching and education can turn the tide of decadence sweeping in the world. The accelerating speed of moral decay is alarming. Indeed we are against superhuman forces which we simply cannot explain and beyond human control.

This Evil One is a malevolent genius. The force of darkness has unlimited creativity that spawns all kinds of traps, lies and destruction for man. Everything he offers are attractive illusions and empty promises.

It is his business to sway us to adopt a lifestyle of self-sufficiency from God. The attitude of independence and selfishness delights him. Yet the world and its enticement are passing away! 😊

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