Scripture Struck @ Lk 1:39-45

4th Sunday of Advent
5th Day – Misa de Gallo

Reaching Out

Today’s gospel story focuses on Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. After receiving the greatest honor of being Mother of God, she runs in haste to Ain Kerem, a mountainous area of Judea.

Elizabeth, obviously, was a senior citizen. She would need help to prepare for her maternity. Mary willingly volunteered to give assistance. She was ready to serve.

Mary’s character is beautifully presented for us to imitate. She is shown as a selfless person. She is quick to take initiative. Mary is a very caring and compassionate woman.

Like Mary, we are challenged to serve each other. The practice of service happens concretely in the family, at home. In bringing Jesus to Zechariah’household she also spread joy and love. Real joy comes from Christ! 😊

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