Don Bosco Philippines South Province

Salesians of Don Bosco – Philippine South Province FIS

Scripture Struck @ Lk 1:56-66

8th Day – Misa de Gallo

Names are important. Everyone and everything has a name. A name identifies; it gives identity. My name individuates me from someone else.

The existence of a person is established by the name. It makes one a historical figure. Every named-child is part of society with a corresponding rights and responsibilities.

When Zechariah named his child ‘John’, it showed belongingness. He is now officially part of his family. He is now entitled to a home where his life will be determined by family environment and traditions.

Our name is also important to God. He calls us by name. He has chosen us from birth. We belong to him. Our name makes us unique. God has given each one a mission and purpose. One day our name will be written in the stars!😊

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