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Scripture Struck @ Lk 2:22-35

Simeon the Devout

Simeon was that old man who met Mary and Joseph as they presented the child Jesus in the Temple. He is described as just and devout.

He was just because he was a man of integrity. Following the Jewish code of living, he loved God above all else and feared offending Him. He read and meditated scriptures often making it his rule of life. He was always in the Temple praying.

At a time when old people suffer from alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Simeon comes to us as an example of growing old gracefully. It is a sad thing when old people loose their memory and their thinking skills decline. Such fate is part of the ageing process.

His lifestyle kept him alert and attentive to welcome Christ. Scripture reading stimulated his mind. His daily walk to the Temple provided regular exercise. His prayer time and meditation enabled him to manage stress. Keeping God at the center makes us live a healthy and balance life! 😊

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