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Scripture Struck @ Mk 2:1-12

Forgiveness Heals

People were coming to Jesus because he had healing powers. But when four friends brought him a paralytic, they were unprepared to witness the unexpected. Jesus forgave the man before freeing him from paralysis.

The scribes were scandalized. They quickly condemned him. God alone can dispense mercy. Forgiveness was beyond the capacity of Jesus. Such were their thoughts.

Yet Jesus showed them he was more than who they think he is. Mercy was his birthright. By this act of forgiveness he did not only prove his authority. Jesus is the very face of the Father’s mercy.

Life can be so stressful. We experience negative emotions like anger, hatred, bitterness or anxiety stemming from neglectful parents, unfaithful spouse or rude neighbors. But forgiveness raises us to higher grounds. It heals us from small-mindedness. Mercy adds nobility and dignity to our life. 😊

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