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Scripture Struck @ Mt 5:43-48

Love your Enemies

Jesus was a Jew. Neighbor for them signify their countryman or those who share their faith. The view is restrictive; even elitist. Yet Jesus goes beyond. For him, a neighbor means anyone who needs your love and goodness.

His call to love our enemies is a radical one. It is a foundational Christian thought. If applied in concrete living, it has far-reaching consequences. But if it remains only as a concept, the world stays the same: indifferent and cold.
There is great power in love. Loving only those who love us has already an overwhelming effect. Loving even our enemies can be transformative. It adds greater nobility to our human life.
Today there is so much intolerance, bitterness and hatred among ourselves. This hinders us in living harmonious and peaceful lives. It creates division and conflict that add unnecessary stress. But it is love that raises us from our pettiness. It is love that makes us children of God.

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