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Smart Steward

Philip Ng Chee Tat is the richest man in Singapore. With an estimated net worth of $8.7 billion, he currently serves as CEO of Far East Organization Centre Pte. Ltd, Singapore’s largest developer since 1991. With all his wealth and the lavish lifestyle it could enable him to have, he found his greatest comfort in Jesus. Though this developer amassed an astounding fortune over the years, focusing on material things is a sad way to live. He believes his life changed for the better when he understood that human beings more often than not search for the wrong things. “I have discovered all of us are broken, we all have a missing piece. For me, I discovered the missing piece was God in Jesus Christ.” 
Today’s gospel reading reminds us of the importance of good stewardship. Jesus narrates a parable about a steward who will be relieved of his duties for mismanaging his master’s resources. A steward is one who manages the resources of another with full authority and high level of trust. Though the steward was dishonest, the master commends his shrewdness. Jesus wants us to understand the principle of stewardship: everything we own is God’s gift. God owns everything, but we are to use the Master’s resources to advance the Master’s goal. We are to be generous with what we have and use it for the benefit of others.
Moreover, while God has graciously entrusted to us with the care, development and enjoyment of everything he owns, we are responsible to manage his holdings according to his intentions. There are resources, abilities and opportunities that God has entrusted to our care. One day each of us will be called to give an account of how we managed what the Master had given. We need to be careful not to make our work and wealth our master. Greed is the root of all the many forms of evil in the world such as theft, robbery, fraud or corruption. Instead, we need to focus on seeking God’s kingdom and his purpose so that, as his faithful steward, we can give him glory.
Prayer:Lord, give me the wisdom to understand that you own everything and I simply need to be a smart steward. 

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