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Spot not the Focus

A psychological study conducted a few decades ago proved that a person ordinarily would focus obsessively on a spot in a white sheet of paper. The human mind is intent to focus on contrasts. While this is an advantage for our survival and environmental surveying, too much of it in our social life will surely do otherwise.

The focus of each individual as a part of a larger entity called society must focus not so much on the spots but rather on the bigger picture. Yet, we must guard against the danger of dismissing the spot altogether for the sake of the bigger picture. Then, as everything else in life, this calls for balance.

As individuals, we tend to become too focused on our small little problems. These little spots get amplified by our self-doubt and criticism, spawning fear and despair. As a group, we tend to focus much on differences than on similarities. We often ask who’s better and who’s worse. In effect, focusing too much on the spot begins the pointing and blaming game.

Spot not the focus, lest you focus much on the spot. Objectively, we are more good than bad, more of promise than failure, alive more than dead. There is more beauty in us than what meets the eye. The little spots in our life shouldn’t block out the whiteness of our being.


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