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Staying Awake

A tour group was visiting the 102 floors of the Empire State Building. On their way up the elevator, a woman asked the tourist guide: “if this elevator breaks down, where do we go? Are we going up or down?” The guide replied with a smile: “that really depends on how you are living!”
Our Sunday Gospel (Mt 25:1-13) is a lesson on readiness. Jesus narrates the parable of the ten bridesmaids: five were wise, the other five were foolish. The wise once had foresight and brought extra oil; the foolish ones did not prepare for the delay. Only the ones with lamps burning entered the wedding banquet.
This parable is a metaphor of our life. Through this story, Jesus wants to teach us two valuable lessons:

1.    Be ready. Be prepared. 
What the gospel really wants to emphasize is our preparation for the future 2ndComing of Jesus. The Greeks call it the “Parousia.” If his first coming was humble and small, the 2nd coming will be mighty and loud! He will come as king. He will arrive as the final Judge of everyone and everything. He will show his power and glory. The other more immediate preparation is the hour of our death. Thankfully we do not know when will be our end. If we did, it would have been scary. It would absolutely take away our peace.
          I was able to assist a parishioner in his last moments. After suffering a mild stroke, his last request to his family was not to be revived. When asked for the reason, he explained that for him “it was mission accomplished.” He had brought up his children well; he had served the parish; he had done what was needed to do. Moreover, he declared: “I want to see the God whom I have served!” Indeed, it is an inspiring disposition of readiness.

2.    Be wise. Jesus commends that we need “to keep our lamps burning.”
In our journey in life we will need spiritual fuel to keep on moving forward. Without this oil, we cannot persevere. Hence we need four essential elements to keep us always aflame. We need B.E.E.R. in our life.
        Bible: we need to read scriptures to know God’s will. Scriptures will give direction to our life. Jesus himself said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”
      Eucharist: we need the sacraments to keep us always spiritually healthy. These are the ordinary means that Jesus provides to nourish our life in the spirit. Through confession, God forgives us and continually gives us hope of a new beginning; the eucharist is food for our earthly pilgrimage.
         Examples: it is not enough just to know God’s will. We also need to act on them. We should be doers of God’s Word. Aided by grace, we need to perform acts of goodness and mercy done with the right intention of giving glory to God; not just for show. Through our examples, we can create ripples of influence that can make a difference in others’ lives.
     Rosary: in other words, we need prayer. Prayer is our personal relationship with God. Through our devotion to our Blessed Mother and our closeness to the saints will remind us that we are not alone in this journey of life. Our prayer provides us of our necessary connection that gives us power in our daily battle.
          Going back to the question: “are we going up or down?” Jesus, the guide of our life’s journey, will respond: that really depends on how you are living! Be ready. Be wise and add BEER in your life!

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