Study, study, study!

I took this short time to take a break from a studying. I might be experiencing shock. A few weeks ago, my mind was just floating in the air, now it’s floating in the waters of Philosophy, frantically gasping for a breath. I think I need a strong impulse of charge to my brain to heat it up. The constant barrage of reading assignments, the prospect of having to undergo check-up tests every meeting, and the many other demands of this study is some bitter herb for my sweet-toothed brain.

Just like many other bitter medicines, I am sure this is about to unfold some good thing for me. Certainly, it has awakened a brain that is quite becoming lazy. I have an inkling of a feeling that I am getting dumb every time I use Facebook. If I need some powerful jump start, I need it fast and now.

I still hold on to the principle that my studies is an owning of Don Bosco’s Pro Vobis Studeo. My mood these weeks have been down so this is really a test of will power. And to think, we all have to study the whole of our lifetime! Everyday, then, is a test of will power. That’s all for now, my brain’s getting fried. Cheers!


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