Sunny Christmas

I don’t know if its the climate or it’s just by coincidence but it’s been a very sunny Christmas this year. I am typing away at beach-side house here in Argao, Cebu, where, to my happy surprise, is connected to the internet. Fr. Denden has invited Salesians and aspirants alike to this overnight vacation in this southern Cebu town.

With me are Frs. Denden and Randy, and Bros. Louie and Francis. With us Salesians are aspirants Melo, Jade, God (yes, that’s his name), Mark, Davon, and pre-novice James. The younger aspirants are now enjoying their dip in the pool while I hide in the shelter of the house, sitting in the balcony with a view of the sea, the beautiful landscape of Dalaguete, and of the pool. Beside me is Fr. Randy reading his Bo Sanchez book and preparing his homily for his next mass.

Christmas has been bright and sunny, inside and out. It doesn’t feel like white but filled with light (and that’s a rhyme!)


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