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The Anxiety of Not Doing Everything

Salesian life is a busy life. We often multitask in order to do as much good as we can. We put everything in to make good the adage of doing ordinary duties extraordinarily well. It is tiring. It consumes a lot of energy. Without grace from prayer and personal relationship with Jesus it becomes impossible.  

Oftentimes we fall into the trap of trying to do everything. We get so used to works and tasks and to do’s that we forget everything else. We have become slaves. We have become needy for attention, glory, appreciation, greatness. We forget that we are but workers in the vineyard who were given a fair share of work that is to be completed in God’s time. Therefore we are the grumpy ones, the stressed ones, the irritables. We become unkind and uncompromising. We have become the opposite of who we truly are.  

I often find myself fidgeting over things that I need to do and complete. I become anxious. My prayer becomes distracted. I am consumed by my work and tasks. Worst comes to worst I can’t even complete one task. I simply don’t know where to start. This is the anxiety of our age. We want to do everything. We forget that we are not God.  
God’s plan for us is simpler than we imagine. All He wants is for us to walk with and beside Him in this journey of life. Whatever comes comes in His time and goes away in His time. Be it joy or sorrow, comfort or difficulty, they are not meant to last and they are not meant for us to obssess on. Our lives were meant to enjoy God in haapiness or sadness, in sickness or in health, and not even death do us part. All we have to do is trust our Father and we will be at peace.  


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