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The Will to Fight

The three-pronged calamity in Japan caused me to fear that my weekly serving of anime will have to be suspended. It would be additional penance for a manga-addict like me. Naruto and Ichigo will have to wait, but to my surprise yesterday, the Shonen Jump sent out an issue which found its way on the web, down to my laptop, and fed as a feast for my eyes.

What I liked most about the latest issue is the question on the Will to Fight. There are really times in our life that our own personal issues get the better of us for us to lose sight of what we are fighting for. There are times when we have lost the reason to fight we are too easily disarmed by the tides of life’s war and tossed around in the sea of confusion and desolation. How many of us find ourselves getting bored with the seemingly repetitive, droning, and lifeless routine of daily life? There seems to be a limit to vigor and enthusiasm and we face that distinct wall of questions and confusion.

Here I find the wisdom of Don Bosco very much applicable. We must never lose sight of our final destiny, our ultimate goal, which we need to make our own and part of our very core by repetitive revisiting and renewal, through daily (short but intense) meditation, examination of conscience, and well-placed retreats and recollections. The Will to Fight for any person is founded on his very convictions in life, in the ideals that he believes in, in the values that he holds dear. Losing faith is the very torrent that dissolves the very foundation of setting high goals. Knowing what you are fighting for gives you direction. Believing in it gives you passion.

Yet let us not discount the element of Grace. Nothing in this world exist without grace. Everything except for One, came from nothing. Christian Philosophy says so. Contemporary Science has the Big Bang theory. We may have exerted the best of efforts but we also need divine grace. At most, we beg for it. Grounded on this fundamental truth, we are humbled to know that the fight is not a fight for survival nor of getting ahead of others. It is a fight towards the heights of Perfection Himself.

Never lose your Will to Fight.


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