Wash Away

Many people know that I am Grobanian by my musical heart. It’s not only the voice but also the type of music and lyrics that moves me. One of the songs I love best from Josh is the song “Remember When It Rained”. The passionate lover in me just resonates with the message of the song.

Everyone knows how refreshing a shower is, especially when under the rain. Everyone also knows how refreshing forgiveness is, more than any physical shower we can have. Each  moment of forgiveness brings with it a fresh ray of hope, a promise of a better tomorrow, and the balm of healing and love. There couldn’t be any better medicine for pain than forgiveness in love.

We are all called to forgive and to love again. Forgiveness is giving that second chance once again with a resolution to make it better this time, in a way that mirrors how each of us has been given our second chances after we have stood up from a fall. But sadly, some people don’t know how to forgive. If only they know the power of forgiveness, they wouldn’t hold on to the heavy chains of grudge and hatred, or to the binding strings of fear and regret.

Real forgiveness, as per my experience, always brings a renewal of a relationship and commitment. There is a second fresh encounter of persons. In the same way that God promised to wash away the sins of Israel, forgiveness washes away the stains that kept us apart. Our greatest need is forgiveness.


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